Time off/Quitting and Rejoining Policy

Students taking time off to pursue other interests are required to pay their regular fees for the time they are gone.

If a student quits the Academy with the intent of avoiding fee payments and then wishes to rejoin at some later date the following policy will apply:

Up to a two month absence the student will be required to pay the two months fees missed and pay a $100 re-registration fee.

If absent for more than three months a student will be demoted one red strip for each month away and be required to pay the $100 re-registration fee.

The financial expenses of the Academy are non-negotiable with my creditors and must be paid even when students take time off.

Other Academy’s and gyms generally require student fees to be paid in full for the year or the duration of the training program.  If patrons take time off for whatever reason, their monthly payments are covered because they have been paid in advance.  It is unreasonable to expect our Academy to be an exception to this policy because we allow parents to pay fees on a monthly basis in an effort to help them with their monthly expenses.

Our cancellation policy remains the same – one months notice is required when quitting the Academy or one month payment if a months’ notice is not given.

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