Time off for Vacations and Breaks

As summertime approaches and thoughts turn to days at the beach and vacation fun, it has become necessary to clarify our position on “taking a break” from Tae Kwon Do and the payment of student fees.

Each student’s fees are based on enrolment for one calendar year.  For convenience most parents divide that amount by 12 (months) and pay student fees monthly.  This payment method works fine until parents decide to take a break over the summer or ask if they can forego payment of fees for a week or two or a month or two.

While this was not a significant issue at our last location it has become a major issue at our new location as our financial margins are much narrower.

When student fees are not paid it places a financial burden on me that I am not prepared to bear.  I have taken every step possible to provide a quality martial arts training program at an affordable price (especially compared to other martial arts schools).  If student fees are not paid due to breaks and vacations I cannot tell my landlord “the rent will be less this month because my students are taking a break or a vacation and have not paid their fees.”  This explanation is not acceptable to B.C. Hydro, the telephone company or the insurance company.

That said, if paying student fees while away is truly a financial burden parents cannot possible bear I will consider request to waive fees on an individual basis.

Our academy is like a family unit in many ways and I have found if I make an exception for one person others inevitably hear about it and rightfully expect the same consideration for their family.

So, to be clear: student fees are payable on a monthly basis regardless of how much time a student takes off unless a significant hardship is demonstrated.

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