Belt Test Policy

Effective June 1, 2010 all students will be expected to attend their promotional Belt Test on the day and time designated.

In the past, student’s who were unable to attend their belt test were allowed to test in class, but because so many students are missing their designated belt test date such absenteeism has tended to denigrate the official belt test both for other students who do attend the test and the student who does a quick make-up test in class – which is far from the standard of the official assessment.

If an exception is made for one student other students rightfully expect exceptions to be made for them.

So, to be clear:  all future belt tests will only be held on the designated day.

Student essays will be due on the last Thursday prior to the test date.

Test fees will be due on the last Thursday prior to the test date.

No essay, no test fee – no test.

Students who cannot make the designated date for their belt test, or do not present their essay and/or pay their test fee on or prior to the Thursday preceding their belt test will be added to the list of students testing the following month.  There will be no exceptions to this policy thus eliminating any perception of favouritism or discrimination.

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