Sabomnin’s Story

My son Christian was home schooled until he was 10 years old. He was enrolled in an
e-lues program out of Nachako B.C. I set up his computer in a small side office at work
and he came to work with me everyday.

While I had appointments in the morning, he would complete his schoolwork. After lunch,
he would go visit his “friends” -other small business owners in the complex where my
office was located. He would drop in to see Kevin the cabinetmaker, Mike the carpenter,
Patty the hairdresser, and Mindy who sold body art. He would chat with them and work
along side them sweeping the sawdust, wood chips, and clipped hair and stick price tags
on products.

One day he found a new friend, Trevor – “the Tae Kwon Do guy”, who had moved into the
complex. Danny asked him if would like to attend a few fall classes and since Christian
had been passionate about Ninja Turtles and Ninja’s, since the age of two, he jumped
at the chance.

As his parents, we liked the idea, as it would meet the physical education needs of his
home schooled curriculum. His mom signed him up and would sit and watch him do his
routines when she stopped by to pick him up, when I had to work late.

After watching, him over a six-month period she had memorized all of his Tae Kwon Do
moves and thought she would like to join the adult classes that were soon to start. She
loved it! The action, the concentration, the new friends, and fun. She could understand
why Christian loved it so much.

One day she asked me to go with her as she thought I would enjoy the classes as much
as she did. Despite feeling nervous and self-conscious, I went and thoroughly enjoyed
myself. As I changed out of my uniform that evening, I pledged to myself that I would
commit to this program despite how difficult it may become and earn an internationally
recognized Black Belt.

After four years of very intense training, we proudly watched as Christian (then 11 years
old) tested for his Black Belt. It was one of the happiest days of our lives. Our little ninja
became a Kukkiwon Black Belt! Six months later the same honor was bestowed on his
mother and I was thrilled for her.

Six months later, they were both present as I was put through my paces in demonstrating
my own proficiency to be admitted to this exclusive Black Belt Club. That day I decided I
would someday open my own Tae Kwon Do Academy to help others share in the joy of
accomplishing something truly worth while – mastering mind, body, and spirit.

It has been almost 10 years since little Christian walked into Danny’s dojang and I am so
glad he did. He introduced something special into the lives of parents that have truly
changed our lives. True to my commitment, now is the time to open my own martial
arts school – Goldstream Avenue Tae Kwon Do Academy – proof positive that from the small andseemingly insignificant can grow something much larger and very
meaningful. I am reminded everyday that; ” The mighty oak came from a little nut that held
its ground!”

Written By Tim ‘Sabomnin’ Dudley

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